GC Exclusive – Wikileaks Confirms Rawlings Has 6 Kids, Not 4

The world’s deadliest website for releasing hidden journalism information, Wikileaks, appears to have confirmed the news floating around at the moment at former President Jerry John Rawlings has two illegitimate children he has been keeping in hiding.

Rawlings’ funeral has become an entire soap opera on its own with two ladies coming out to both claim that Rawlings is their biological father.

One Abigail Mawutor Rawlings even caused a huge scene at his funeral as she was refused entry.

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The huge question on the minds of Ghanaians then is whether these ladies are really daughters of Rawlings or just some ladies trying to gain some fame in the wake of his death?

A little digging by GhanaCelebrities.Com has shown that there is some credence to the fact that Rawlings’ had illegitimate children. The only question is whether they are these two ladies who have come forward since his death.

Wikileaks cables all the way back in 2011 alleged that an ex-Netherlands ambassador to Ghana, Hein Princen, had confirmed that Rawlings had 6 kids and not four as widely reported.

According to him, he had met all 6 kids during a trip to Rawlings’ yacht in 1997.

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Per the wikileaks cables, Rawlings definitely has more than 4 kids. The only question now is are the two additional kids the ones we’re now hearing of? Or they are impostors and the two children would be coming out soon?

It must be noted that the office of the former President denied the wikileaks cables at the time it came out but they are making waves again due to events after his death.

Stay tuned to GhanaCelebrities.Com for more on this soap opera.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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