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Hidden Sidechicks and Illegitimate Children – Even In Death Papa J Goes Down As A ‘Proper’ Man! – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

The life of the late Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings was so full of vim and verve, twists and turns, that the entire story could fill up three full-length biographies and have many more pages leftover.

J.J is one of the two most influential leaders in Ghanaian history – he being the Abraham Lincoln to Kwame Nkrumah’s George Washington.

For such a great man, it’s no surprise that even his death is bringing out more incredible events that no one foresaw.

Since the former President died, a lady known as Nathalie Yamb has come out claiming to be his official sidechick. Yamb claimed she’s been in a secret relationship with the former leader for years and decided to come out only after his passing.

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She shared some exclusive photos and videos to prove her connection to the late President.

You might say sidechicks are normal since many ‘big’ men have sidechicks, but Rawlings’ case took another turn during his funeral ceremony.

All of a sudden a couple of ladies have turned up claiming to be his illegitimate children. One Abigail Mawutor Rawlings created a hell of a scene during his funeral service crying to be accepted as one of his children.

Not long after, another lady known as Vida Yeboah also popped up claiming to be his child as well. Rumour has it an illegitimate son is also hiding somewhere in the background.


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All this simply makes Papa J a traditional Ghanaian man. In the past, men could marry as many as they wanted and give birth to as many kids as they wanted.

The western world brought monogamy into our lives via religion and it has now become the norm but many ‘old’ men from the past generations still hold on to their traditional roots.

That’s why it’s never surprising when so-called ‘big men’ are found with numerous sidechicks they sleep with behind their wife’s back.

Even in death, Papa J is going down as a proper, traditional, Ghanaian man.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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