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Between Sleeping with Your Mummy, Your Cousin Or A DOG? – The Dirty Life Of Our So-Called Celebs Laid Bare By Drug Addict Gbee Naabu and Big Mouth Ayisha – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

The most exciting time in the life of a blogger is when two celebrities out of the blue start attacking each other, giving birth to a ‘beef’ that can generate content for days on end.

Aside blessing us with content that we generally have to search and prod and prude for, a beef is also a perfect time for anrgy and generally drug fuelled celebs to release every little skeleton in their ‘enemy’s’ closet that common sense generally allows them to keep hidden.

It happens all the time – two celebs start fighting and immediately the dirtiest secrets in history start being revealed.

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Those moments give us a clarity over what a lonely and pathetic life most of our celebs are living and why we should often be grateful that we are ‘ordinary Ghanaians’ and not celebrities because it generally comes with nothing good.

If I assume you have not been living under a rock the past 24 hours, then you’re aware of the beef between Ghana’s long time self-proclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale and the loudmouthed, uncouth and self-appointed PRO of the BHIM nation, Ayisha Modi.

Ayisha is Stonebwoy’s bulldog, who often goes out there like an animal on a leash to do his dirty work for him. Stonebwoy stays in the background and Ayisha launches missiles.

Recently, one of her missiles touched the drug crazed ‘Gbee Naabu’, aka Shatta Wale, who is always just two words away from insulting someone.


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That started the dirtiest beef running in Ghanaian showbiz currently.

In the midst of their fight – secrets are dropping.

According to Ayisha, Shatta Wale is a motherf*cker and a cousin f*cker to boot. He calls Hajia 4 Real his mum whilst sleeping with her and also often has s*x with his apparent cousin named Love.

Wale, for his part, went on IG live probably after smoking some good Wuhan weed, or even sniffing some coke, to talk nonstop attacking Ayisha Modi for 45 minutes.

According to him Ayisha is broke and she runs from the house of big man to big man begging for some coins to survive. Wale claims she sleeps with animals and also used very nasty and unprintable words on her appearance.

Listening to these two attacking each other, they make whatever life they’re living sound very desperate and unappealing. The secrets being hidden by the glitz and glamour of a celebrity lifestyle sound like they are enough to send a normal person to the morgue – or at the very least to the psychiatric hospital.

These so-called celebs should not be the envy of anyone. For the proof just wait till their next fight and listen to their secrets. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for them.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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