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Funny Face is Mad – He’s Mentally Unstable and His Family Should Seize His Phone Until He’s Well – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

Every few months we suffer this issue with Funny Face. He goes ‘mad’ on social media and starts making wild and crazy posts, attacking people left and right and behaving bizarrely.

Whenever his ‘mania’ arrives, you can tell because Funny Face would make post after post after post without stopping with each post more bizarre than the last.

In recent days he has resumed his antics. Funny Face has started attacking his baby mama, who he promised not to attack anymore after his last illness ended. He also claims the police arrested him and beat him up, narrating this whilst in tears.

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In another video, Funny Face is spotted at the beach literally eating sand.

He is posting at an almost hourly rate now and none of the posts depict someone who is mentally stable.

Funny Face himself has admitted that there’s something wrong with his head, going so far as to post his psychiatric records online.

One big issue for people with mental issues is that they never accept their problem. Funny Face has accepted his problem but hilariously refuses to work on solving it.

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Once he posted his mental records online, what he should have done next was check himself into a mental institution and receive the help he needs.

What he doesn’t need is to be online and have access to his phone, just leading to him embarrassing himself over and over and over.

Any family member who loves Funny Face at this moment must seize his phone and at the very least keep him off social media. At the very most he should be checked into a mental health facility to get the help he needs.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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