You’ll Die Like Ebony for Ignoring My Prophecy – Nigel Gaisie Slams Curse on Social Media User

The pastors of today can curse more than you could have ever thought of.

So-called men of God are now ever ready to lay curses on their followers, especially on social media, with no regard for the authority they’re supposed to hold and how they should conduct themselves.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is the latest preacher to nonchalantly curse someone on social media.

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He apparently gave a doom prophecy about the country people were not happy about.

After a social media user called him out for always giving doom prophecies, he came hard at the person with curses.

According to him, he would spiritually deal with the person for questioning him.

He claimed that the person is behaving like how Ebony did in ignoring his prophecy which led to her death, kind of implying the person would also meet a similar fate for ignoring his prophecy.

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These so-called prophets work only on fear. By attacking the guy this way, Gaisie is only instilling fear in him and anyone reading, so they can believed in his so-called mythical powers.

Curses would not change the fact that he’s quite likely a fake prophet who became famous on the back of one alleged prophecy to Ebony before she died.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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