Only A Wicked Church Shames A Member for Getting Pregnant Out of Wedlock – Counsellor Lutterodt Speaks Sense for ONCE

Lots of churches out there would immediately punish any member of theirs, especially the women if they were to get pregnant before marrying under God’s very eyes and promise.

In so many way, many of these churches are obliviously promoting abortion but haven’t the slightest idea about it and even if they did they could care less.

A lady who gets pregnant before she married to save herself from shame would abort that baby so that everyone can be happy and pleased with her.

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Counselor Lutterodt has spoken.

He says all the churches that promote such things have lost it and God should not spare them.

“Any church that treats its member in such a manner is wicked, it’s called primitive weakness inducted analogy. They’re all lost. Any church that tells its people that, you’ve committed a sin by getting pregnant before marriage is lost.

Counselor added that there are even laws centered on such things that tackles such things.

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The sort of sin the church looks for is a dogma so that, you’ll follow their rules of engagement not the rules of life. There are two things – even in law, there are legal practice and legal law. We have the doctrine for the church and the dogma for the church. Normally they do that and forget the social stigma they bring on the unborn child.” 

You may not like Lutterodt for obvious reasons but he sure is making lots of sense here.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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