Sister Derby Drops 5 Solid and Intelligent Reasons Why LGBTQ Must Be Legalized In Ghana

Ghanaian entertainer Deborah Vanessa aka Sister Derby has raised some 5 salient points on why Ghana must consider legalizing LGBTQ in the country.

The topic of legalization of the Lesbian, Gay, Bis*xual, Transgender, Queer and Inters*x, As*xual and Pans*xual has been on the table for discussion for a while with many calling for their freedom.

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These groups are regarded as Criminals and openly practicing any of such acts is a crime in many countries including Ghana but few weeks ago, it was rumored that an LGBTQI office has been opened in the country.

Sister Derby joins the many Ghanaians who believe persons in the LGBTQI community must be allowed to exercise their rights and choose whoever they want to live their lives with.

She took to her twitter page to rant about how hypocritical she thinks Ghanaians are for condemning LGBTQI and praising other forms of immoral acts.

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Below are some five points she raised on twitter to convince the Government and society to accept and legalize LGBTQI in the country.

1, “Bloodclarts, legalising #LGBTQI does not mean they are coming to molest or rape you like your uncles did while mothers protected them. That’s a crime. It means they will be protected from homophobes like you, so you can’t harm them! Let them be! Period! #LGBTQ #LGBT “

2, “The bishops/priests claim Jesus was the most kind person who they follow while being wicked to a marginalised group Jesus would have protected and fought for!!! Think about it. #LGBTQI #LGBTQ”

3, “Why have a law that says criminalise humans whose s*x preference is diff from yours? Why does their t*to concern you so much? Yet you don’t get this angry when people are raped, children are forced into marriage, or even innocent people killed?! Common sense is lacking obv #LGBTQ”

4, “If ‘the se*’ is not rape or defilement, how are 2 consented adults dating our issue? Rape and child marriage(which consists of abuse, pedophilia, slavery) causes trauma which can last for long that is why that should concern us not two consented gay adults. Think!#LGBTQ #LGBT”

5, What an evil man! If persons with albinism like him weren’t protected like we are trying to protect the #LGBTQ community, will he be alive today?! ‘Albinos’ were being killed for just being and he’s doing same to the gay now. FOH Amoaning

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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