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Ghanaians Surprised to Discover they’re Poor After Giving Corrupt Politicians A Pass and Attacking Innocent Gay People – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

Ghanaians are on social media right now crying out about several foreign media reports today calling us a poor country.

Having spent the past few weeks spending every waking moment attacking gay people, threatening to beat them, calling them demonic and every other derogatory term you can think of, you can forgive the ordinary Ghanaian for forgetting the circumstances of their shitty lives.

However, with the arrival of the COVID vaccine in Ghana via the COVAX initiative today, the reality has come crashing down.

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The COVAX initiative is a global initiative to ensure poor countries are also able to access the COVID vaccines. Naturally, reportage on it mentioned that it was an initiative to ensure the world’s poorest people received the vaccine.

However, Ghanaians are outraged over this news, attacking any foreign media who reported on the vaccine rollout and said it was a rollout to poor people.

The people who had spent the past few weeks demonising a group of people for essentially just existing are now frothing over the mouth at being called poor, which is a simple fact.

Perhaps, if the ordinary Ghanaian would spend just 5% of the energy spent on fighting gay people on fighting our leaders, we would have a country self sufficient enough it would not beg for vaccines and then get offended when it’s called what it is – POOR!

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The ordinary Ghanaian is a joke. Go back to your poor lives and leave gay people alone. Their activities does not affect the price of petrol, rice or gari.

If you insist on being angry and applying so much pressure on something, then the politicians who embarrassed us by turning the world’s 2nd largest producer of cocoa and gold into a ‘poor’ country should be your targets.

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