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Bunch of Ignorant and Bigoted Ghanaians Secure Their Spot In Heaven After Stripping Down and Righteously Assaulting A Transgender Man

Ever since the conversation surrounding the issue of LGBT Ghanaians took over the national spotlight, I knew that this was where everything was eventually headed.

The pure animus targeted at gay people on social media, the organized hatred of Moses Foh-Amoaning and his ilk, the constant reaffirming of religious leaders that homos*xuality is demonic and somehow the biggest sin in society – all was part of a campaign which dehumanized LGBT folk to Ghanaians.

The hatred targeted at them was palpable thus it was inevitable that attacks against that community was going to go up anytime soon.

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And a video I’ve just spotted on social media make it clear that it has already started.

In the video, a Ghanaian transgender man has been ‘caught’ by a mob of ignorant and obviously bigoted Ghanaians who have completely dehumanized the individual to the point they do not see a human being but an animal.

They forcibly strip him down till he was n*ked whilst the crowd constantly hurl abuse at him.

At many points during the video, the gentleman is assaulted by different members of the crowd.

The constant campaign to dehumanize LGBTQ folks was only going to end one way as the hatred against them has been raised to a fever pitch

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At this point, many Ghanaians, particularly the uneducated and ignorant ones who make a huge chunk of the population probably see it as their righteous duty to stamp out this ‘evil’ from the country.

Whilst assaulting another human being, they probably feel like saints who have booked their spot in heaven.

Aside the disgusting behaviour on play in this video, which has been encouraged by everyone involved in this debate from politicians to religious leaders, the mob mentality at play tells us a big deal about why Ghana remains a sh*thole.

Ghanaians act on instinct, emotions and prejudices more than we ever use our brains. Our politicians therefore know a very easy way to get us distracted whilst they keep looting the country.

A few weeks ago, a politician was accused of acquiring millions of dollars worth of wealth in 4 years and after a few days everyone was bored and had moved on.

This LGBT issue has been trending for a couple of weeks now and there seems to be no end in sight.

Whilst you concentrate on gays and hate them and assault them with all your will, God help us all about whatever wicked plans of bribery, corruption and looting our politicians are putting into place.

At the end, we would all be in Ghana and we’ll then account for who caused more harm – the thieving politicians or a guy who just decided to wear a dress probably because it makes him feel good about himself.

If politicians are 50% of Ghana’s problems, the people are easily the other 50%.

PS: * We cannot post the video due to our editorial policy*

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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