Ghana’s Contribution to Developing the COVID Vaccine Was to Pray Hard to God – Bishop Agyinasare Says

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, founder and leader of the Perez Chapel, says Ghana also played a large role in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine for the world.

Agyinasare says Ghanaians prayed a lot to God for a vaccine to be developed and now that it’s been developed, we have to use it.

The preacher was trying to convince skeptical church members that the vaccine is a good thing and anyone who has the opportunity should take it.

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“As a nation, we have been privileged to receive 600,000 vaccines and they’ve started deploying them but there are so many stories going on about the vaccine and I thought that as your pastor, I should make a few things clear to you”, he told the church.

“Last year was one year we prayed like never before. Every month we were praying and fasting for seven day. Every three months we fasted for two weeks and our prayer was to bring down the coronavirus and that a solution will be found. We prayed. Even though we believe God is a prayer-answering God, vaccines have been created and most Christians are saying that: ‘No, it’s too quick’. Did we not pray that God should provide? And God has done it and now we are saying it’s too quick. That means that even though we were praying, we weren’t really believing for it”, he observed.

It’s only in Ghana that we would would think praying is any sort of contribution to a vaccine effort which took hard working scientists and millions of dollars in research and development.

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Truth is us Africans just sat our butts down doing nothing whilst the industrial nations worked hard to develop a vaccine, and now we’re going to pretend we had a hand in it by praying.

It’s hilarious but also the most Ghanaian thing ever!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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