Tracey Boakye Probably Takes Ghanaians As FOOLS After Claiming She Put her East Legon Mansion Out for Rent So She Can Perch At Ashaley Botwe

Actress Tracey Boakye probably sees all of us as fools because she’s out there trying to do some damage control with the lamest excuses possible.

Tracey, who trended for all the wrong reasons on Tuesday after packing out of her East Legon mansion to perch with her alleged baby daddy Obrempong in Ashalley Botwe, is back with new excuses for her move.

Earlier, it had been reported that Tracey had been kicked out of her East Legon mansion, probably after ‘Papa No’ stopped paying the rent.

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According to her, however, her reason for leaving is different – she’s putting the East Legon place up for rent and thus she moved out. She was not evicted.

Tracey is telling us that a Ghanaian slay queen of her calibre left a perfectly extravagant building at East Legon which she’s been flaunting like mad all over social media so she can go and be a squatter in Ashalley Botwe?

That’s like telling me Kim K had a chance to appear in Vogue or Daily Graphic and she decided to go with Daily Graphic.

We all understand how the game is played for these slay queens and none of them is leaving East Legon unless a bulldozer comes to move them out.

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Tracey wants to keep up the appearance of not being evicted, which is cool, but this story of putting the East Legon place up for rent does not fly.

Probably – she takes Ghanaians for FOOLS who will buy any excuse coming from a celebrity.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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