There Is None of My Exes Who Doesn’t Want to Come Back to Me – Flexer Gh on Emelia’s Hour


Ghanaian dancehall star Flexer Gh has opened up about his dating life in the most honest and refreshing way in an interview with actress Emelia Brobbey on her show Emelia’s Hour.

Flexer during his appearance confidently hit his chest and said that every single lady he has ever dated will be glad to come back to him because he treats ladies like queens and they’re very appreciative of his romantic side.

Flexer Gh appeared on the newest episode of Emelia Brobbey’s show ‘Emelia’s Hour’ and floored the host with his detailed breakdown of love and relationships.

Flexer broke down the art of seducing a lady to fall in love with you into the most basic terms and left Emelia super impressed.

According to the dancehall star, wooing a lady is all about making her feel like a queen, pampering her and also always keeping yourself embedded in her mind.

Flexer explained that sweet words go a long way to catching a girl and it can even be more important than money.

“A lady is like an egg – ladies love being pampered and you have to pamper them and shower them with sweet words. It’s not money that attracts women but love, care and attention,” he said.

He said another secret to a great relationship is investing in your woman. According to him even if you meet a girl that people consider ‘cheap’, your duty as a man is to invest in her to the extent that other men would now see how ‘expensive’ she is.

“If you say your woman is cheap, spend on her, make her so expensive that other men cannot afford her,” Flexer detailed.


Flexer added that the way he treats ladies makes them even want to come back to him after they break up.

“I don’t remember any ex of mine who I had an argument with or who still doesn’t want to come back to me…I can confidently say that,” Flexer told Emelia.

“Sometimes some of my exes chat with my sister and tell her I’m very caring so one day my sister even asked me – ‘what at all do you do that makes you so caring?”

The dancehall star was dropping love ‘keys’ to the extent that Emelia Brobbey could not help praising him for his expertise in relationships.

Sometimes known as the ‘Demon of God’, Flexer has been making waves in music all this while but we never knew he had a 2nd talent as a love doctor.

The crooner broke down relationships to the smallest degree on ‘Emelia’s Hour’ and by the end the host was definitely a fan.

Watch Flexer’s appearance on Emelia’s Hour below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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