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After Failing To Arrest the Cedi Or Stop Covid, Duncan-Williams to Lead Doomed To Fail National Prayer Day Against LGBT – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

Apparently, Ghanaian bishops and pastors are ready to hold a 1 day national prayer rally on LGBTQI+.

According to a flyer we’ve spotted of the upcoming program, the prayer rally is on the theme ‘Homos*xuality, A detestable sin to God’.

The prayer rally would include pastors such as Dag Heward Mills, Frimpong Manso of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, alongside Duncan-Williams and others, and is set to come off on Sunday, March 21st.

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This comes after the recent LGBT brouhaha in the country sparked by the opening of an office by the group LGBT+ Rights Ghana.

The media, politicians and clergy sparked a massive outcry against LGBT, declaring it the worst sin on the planet. They mounted massive pressure until the state, in a breach of freedom of association guarantees in our constitution, closed down the office.

The rampant homophobia continued until some innocent LGBT Ghanaians or even those suspected of being LGBT were assaulted.

The next step of this campaign, I guess, is to hold this national day of doing nothing, because praying against the LGBT is going to do nothing to stop the social justice movement going on.

We have seen nonsense like this before – many times in fact. Duncan Williams is famous for praying against things which then go ahead to happen anyway.

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Many years ago, he started this failed prayerful career when he prayed to ‘arrest’ the cedi from further depreciation. We can all attest to the fact that led to nothing!

In 2020, when COVID reared its ugly head, Williams once again prayed against COVID, declaring that it shall not enter Ghana.

“I’m calling for 72-hour prayers beginning from tomorrow [Monday, 9 March 2020] that we will pray to secure our airwaves, to secure our borders and our high seas and waters and rivers that the plague will not enter this country, that the virus is not accessing our airwaves, that there will be no loss of life of any Ghanaian home and abroad by the reason of this virus”. he defiantly declared in his church.

Once again, we all saw how that ended.

In fact, he also prayed that no Ghanaian would die from COVID – need I tell you how that ended?

Despite all his prayers against COVID, we later saw a humbled Duncan-Williams preaching in his church wearing a face shield, having failed through prayer to stop the illness from entering Ghana and from killing any Ghanaian. He also recently was famously spotted wearing a double face mask!, obviously having stopped any pretence that he’s stopping covid through prayer.


This man is selling us the claim that prayer works yet he can never seem to get it to work when going up against the realities of life. He’s a serial failure at getting prayer to accomplish anything on a national scale.

Homos*xuality is a reality of life. It is a reality of science, because there are uncountable species of homos*xual animals.

It’s clear where this national day of prayer is heading because it’s not going to work. Duncan-Williams and his money sucking cronies are not going to pray and magically change the minds of LGBT people to become straight.

All we’ve seen from this man and his prophetic declarations is failure and this would be no exception.

You can quote me on that everyday of the week and twice on Sunday!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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