Revealed – Gordon Asare Bediako, Who Called Ghanaians ‘Fools’ for Complaining About Taxes, Was Allegedly Dumped by His Wife After 2 Weeks of Marriage for Allegedly Being A 1-Minute Man

Oyiwa!, as the Ga people would say. Gordon Asare-Bediako has been thoroughly exposed!

The PRO of State Housing is trending after insulting Ghanaians for having the nerve to complain about new taxes.


In a now-deleted post, Gordon said he cannot believe Ghanaians expected the President to sell his wife’s kaba and slit or utensils to pay for the freebies being enjoyed – basically trashing us as fools for expecting not to be overtaxed during a pandemic for things we were told would be free!


His comment has truly angered Ghanains and unsurprisingly some old news is coming out about him.

Apparently, Gordon was once married and after two weeks, his wife allegedly dumped him.

Her alleged reason – man could not cut it in bed!

The story is from News-One/Daily Guide and was filed in 2011.

Read it in full below…

Wife Dumps Editor Over Sex

By Daily Guide

Barely two weeks after having a talk-of-the-town marriage ceremony, NEWS-ONE has received reports that the wife of Gordon Asare-Bediako, Editor of the New Crusading Guide, has dumped him and left for Germany for good.

Sources close to the couple said the new wife, Erica, dumped Mr. Asare-Bediako aka ‘Baby Police’ even before their honeymoon was over, adding that the editor was still in a traumatic state and yet to overcome the pain.

‘What we heard was that she had complained that the man is too small and easily gets tired in bed so there was no need wasting her time,’ the source told NEWS-ONE but did not explain whether the term ‘too small’ was in reference to Mr. Asare-Bediako’s stature or his manhood.

What is factual however is that physically, Mr. Asare-Bediako is smaller in stature, as compared to his new wife.

Another source told NEWS-ONE that Erica was recently seen at the office of an airline company buying a plane ticket, after which she hurriedly flew out of Ghana last week Monday.

NEWS-ONE contacted Asare-Bediako over the matter and his explanation was that they had originally planned that Erica would travel soon after their marriage, therefore it was not true that she had dumped him because of his ‘small size’.

‘I don’t know if the people telling you this are women; if so, let them come and try me. But if they are men, then they should bring their sisters to see if sex has got anything to do with my small size.

‘And if you saw my wife somewhere buying a plane ticket and fuming, it was because she did not want to leave me and go into the cold. You must believe me that we had planned that she would travel soon after the marriage and that was why she bought a return ticket but she only had to go and make some changes on it,’ Asare-Bediako explained.

Gordon and Erica, barely a fortnight ago, had an impressive marriage ceremony after which they threw a party at the premises of the Pan African Writers Association headquarters.

In attendance was Professor Atukwei Okai, a distinguished poet and writer and the Secretary-General of the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA).

There was also an impressive representation of journalists and media practitioners.

Source: News-One


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