My Half-Caste Girlfriend in SHS Attended Achimota with Long Blonde Hair – Wanlov Exposes Achimota

Wanlov da Kubolor has shut down claims by Achimota School that the white girls with long hair seen in photos are only Exchange students and not regular students.

According to Wanlov, when he was in senior high, his girlfriend was half-caste like himself and was a student at Achimota.

Wanlov claims she was allowed to keep her hair as long as she wanted whilst black girls had to shave theirs down.

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Wanlov adds that he was also allowed to keep an afro as a ‘half-caste’ at Adisadel College whilst his Ghanaian classmates had to cut their hair.

His comments come amidst the brouhaha surrounding two Rastafarian boys being denied admission into Achimota School.

The school’s claims that students have to keep short hair was rubbished after photos came out of white girls keeping their hair long in the school.

However, the common defence we hear is that those are exchange students and not full students of Achimota.

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Wanlov has rubbished that, revealing both himself and his then girlfriend attended SHS with long hair due to being half-caste.

It comes as a shock to no one that Ghanaian schools will treat foreigners better than their own fellow Ghanaians.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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