4 Murdering Facts No Guru Will Tell You About Making Money Online

For most people, the idea of making money online in Ghana is a bit absurd or impossible. Sincerely that was also my case until I started digging aggressively to find whether there are some people or some opportunities making serious and legal money for people in Ghana.

What I discovered shocked me at the highest. Many of the things that we are usually told about money will become untrue to you after reading about these people.

In this story, based on my research, I will demystify or break some of the myths about money, share the stories of these people and tell you whether or not there is a way for you to also start making money online like them.


This is not for the lazy. it is not betting, it is not forex trading or lottery. it is not a financial investment. THIS REQUIRES REQUIRE REAL WORK ONLINE. This is not a get rich quick scheme as well. If you are not willing to put in effort, stop reading this article now.

  1. Making money online is a SCAM

What I have discovered with this business is that the principles for making money we use physically need to be applied online. If you want to make money selling books at Makola, you need someone who will buy the book(s) from you.

So when that person buys the book(s) from you, you give him his book(s) and he or she gives you money. That is the principle, exchange of money for something valuable.

Online too that is what is happening. Most of the guys making money online in Ghana are only offering services they have identified as valuable and taking it to a bigger market. Some of these services are graphic design, data entry and even simple things such as recording a video of yourself with a message.

All these services are being sold online via a regulated platform to people around the world, from the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlerds. Their testimonials of success and proof of withdrawal are just overwhelming.

Harry was one of the doubtful ones when he first heard of this opportunity from global digital  marketer XirCobby. He also had the same fears like many of us. ( Another scam in town, LOL). However he decided to give it a shot and he has since been living what I think everyone will love. He has the freedom to stay home, work and answer to no boss. Listen to his story.


II- You Need A High Educational Level.

This is something that amazed me about this online business in Ghana. Most jobs will usually ask you for your experience, your degree and others. If you don’t have one, all your chances of success are ruined. This is a painful thing.

However the people on this business are making money z Real money , without having to show anything like that. Emma for example is a Level 300 student at UG who was able to make $3,000 in the first 7  months starting the business. 

There are also many national service persons who apart from their GHC559 allowance have this online side business. Without having to leave their jobs.

3. You Need a Huge investment to start

When I mostly talk to people about starting a side business they usually think I’m talking about buying a car for Uber, buying a treasury bill in a bank, or starting a mobile money business.

These businesses are all great and can fetch you a lot of money, but they mostly require a huge capital and it may take some time before you see some significant gains. With this online business you need no huge money to start.

All you will spend is much below $100 in training and the returns are faster and bigger. Just take a look at these screenshots for yourself.


If you can even make $100 a day, working 5 days a week, that will be $2,000, about GHC11,500 a month. Very few people make that much money a month in Ghana. All this being easy withdrawable through a paypal account you can create yourself or through your bank account.

These $100 that you will spend at most are just to help you get started with the right education about the business and the strategy of XirCobby who has been into it for over 10 years. The people making money in this business said having someone like that guiding them has been a blessing and a huge timesaver.


4. It’s not network marketing or bitcoin or Forex.

I’m sure by now many of you are thinking that this is certainly network marketing. I need to call Peter or Kofi into the business too. (LOL) Or forex trading and bitcoin, where you will need to learn to read charts and master the financial market, with no guarantee of making money.

This business is nothing like that and you don’t need to bring anyone into the business to make money. You don’t even need a skill to start. All that you need is the willingness to learn, which can take less than 48hrs, and you’re good to go.

If you are still doubtful and want to have more insights or information about this business, join this Free Webinar on coming Saturday at 7pm. Where from the mouth of the expert himself you will understand more what this business is and what it can do for you.



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I’m certain that with the global pandemic going on, this is the right time to start an online business. We are still in the early days of this business in Ghana or Africa at large.

Don’t overthink it, but rather give yourself a chance of building an additional source of income.


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