The Many Nations of Heaven You Didn’t Know About

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Wiliams has taken to social media to educate people about heaven, a place he nor any human being has ever gone and returned from.

Nevertheless, Williams claims he has information about heaven which most people are not aware of.

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In a video entitled, ‘What is Heaven?’, Duncan-Williams revealed things about heaven we are not aware of.

Acording to him, heaven is not one big place as most people envisage but actually a place with many nations.

He also revealed that humans would come back for a 1,000 years to reign on this earth, with some chosen ones ruling all these different nations whilst Jesus rules them all from Jerusalem.

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Finally, every year, all nations would go to Jerusalem to worship Jesus but the nations who refuse to come would not be blessed with rain.

Thus ends your heaven education for today…go and sin no more!

Watch video below…

The way the Archbishop is talkig, you would be forgiven for thinking he has been to heaven before, or met someone who’s been to heaven before.

Alas, he’s basing all this on a book.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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