TV3 Blasted For Being Cruel To Mentally Unstable Abena Korkor

TV3 Ghana and its workers are being slammed on social media for their cruel treatment to former worker Abena Korkor Addo.

Korkor, who is a known mental health patient with bipolar disorder, suffered a relapse of her condition and posted some revealing videos of herself online.

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TV3, instead of standing with their worker and helping her get treatment, sacked her.

Their boot licking workers also took to social media to all unfollow her. Giovani Caleb, Berla Mundi and others all dumped her like she was some trash.

The ostracising treatment handed out to her by TV3 and its workers has been slammed online.

In a post, a social media user lands blows on TV3 and its workers for their mean behaviour.

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It’s hard to disagree because watching how they quickly terminated her knowing her mental condition shows a stunning lack of empathy.

Read the post below…


TV 3 has over the years proven to be an inward-looking organisation that cares little about its workers. When Nana Aba Anamoah goofed in her infamous Manchester United stadium photoshop, it was an issue that many organisation would have found a way to deal with internally without much drama. What happened? She was thrown under the bus in the name of brand image protection.

Nana Aba to her credit has gone on to prove them wrong, including winning awards as the overall best TV personality.

Now we have Korkor. Almost everyone in Ghana who has followed her story knows that the lady is battling mental health issues. TV 3 employed her knowing this medical record and got praised for overlooking all the shortcoming to give a challenged young lady a crack at life.

For over a year, the lady has proven to be good at her job, we all knew her problem wasn’t t over, we all knew it’s just a matter of time. Bipolar doesn’t go, it is managed, TV 3 knows this, they should be ready.

Then the young lady suffers a relapse, goes wild as she does and what did TV 3 do? Like Nana Aba, the news is that he has been left alone to deal with her woes. Next thing, the station unfollows her on social media and the worst part, Berla Mundi, Anita Akufo and other working colleagues follow in the direction.

Talk about an organisation without empathy for its workers and talk about self-seeking co-workers who only care about a good image before their bosses, even if it means pushing a colleague into the ditch.

The response by the station and its employees is going to make the problem of the lady worse, this was the time TV 3 had to justify their reason for employing her, this was the time they needed to support her and set the standard on how to support people with mental health issues at work. It is only in love and support that their situation gets better. But they left her to her fate, failed to take responsibility that was apparent on the day she was employed under the guise of protecting their image.

Even though TV 3 appear to make decisions to enhance their brand’s image, to some of us, anytime they do that, they look even worse, they look like an organisation without heart and soul.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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