It Took Me 6 Good Years to Obtain Just 1 Law Degree and 2 Masters in Law – Chris-Vincent Schools Fake Academic Sonnie Badu

Dr Sonnie Badu has angered practically the whole of Ghana with his arrogant behaviour the past couple of days.

The fake academic, who parades honorary degrees around as if they are earned degrees, claimed he had earned a degree, masters and PhD all in 4 months.

This obvious mistruth was called out by a social media user.

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The only thing Sonnie could say in response was that those questioning his credentials are ‘frogs’.

That has unleashed a huge barrage of trolling on his head for his insulting response, particularly coming from a so-called ‘man of God’.

His claim has also been rubbished by the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri.

Vincent Agyapong Febiri of Adukus Solicitors

Chris, an actual academic who has a law degree and two masters-in-law, took to Facebook to rubbish Sonnie’s claims.

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He said what Sonnie’s lies on this matter are unacceptable, especially for those who suffer to earn their academic degrees through blood, sweat and tears.

Chris-Vincent spells out how he had to labour for 6 years to earn his degree and 2 masters, meanwhile Badu is claiming he earned a degree, masters and doctorate in 4 months.

How’s that not the most silly thing ever claimed in history?

Read Chris-Vincent’s post on the issue below…

“This is not acceptable.

Someone should reach this man and tell him to stop posting such pictures and end his attempts to convince people that his fake and empty honours are worth it.

It took me 6 good years to obtain just 1 law degree and 2 master’s in law degrees—and you took 4 months to get a degree, a masters, a doctorate, a dean and professorship from a non-existent university—just like that.

Then people freely point you to the fraud and you are mad. Aba! You even called such people frogs and yourself a lion.

Why don’t you enrol into a proper university and study for these degrees if you actually want and cherish them? Do the real study and the real work like we all had to do at some point.

How many degrees did your Jesus Christ have? Somehow, the leaders of the church are those who love earthly things—riches and fake degrees.

Why people follow such men, I can’t comprehend.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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