Okese 1 Trolls Medikal After German Blog Exposed Him For Wearing Fake Rolex

Yiou get to know who your true friends and enemies are when you get into trouble and today, rapper Medikal has seen those who are on his side.

AMG Medikal is in a bad place right now after a top wrist watch blog in Germany exposed him for flaunting a fake Rolex watch as original.

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The blog took to their Instagram page to write: “@amgmedikal With a fake Rolex Datejust. His watch is far too high for an original Datejust. In addition, the bezel is clearly too wide and the notches are far too pronounced. The crown of the watch is not in no way similar to that of an original one,”

The rapper knowing very well there is no way he can lie out of this corner came clean to confess that the Rolex he wears is what he could afford and although it is fake, it is still expensive.

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Medikal’s friend turn competitor and enemy, Okese1 has taken to social media to add more insults to the wounds of the rapper.

Okese1 teased the braggart who walks around like he owns three banks to confess or defend himself against the blog which exposed him.

He wrote on his timeline: “La confess or La defend still why u be Puyol?????” and added a lot of laughing emojis.


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