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Don’t Be A Fool And Fall For Akuapem Poloo’s Scam to Become Rich Through her Misfortune – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

Advice to Ghanaians – don’t be a fool and donate any money to Akuapem Poloo whilst she’s in jail.

For some reason, Akuapem Poloo and those around her have decided that being jailed for 3 months, after being convicted on her own plea, is the perfect opportunity to make money from Ghanaians.

Under the guise of ‘raising money to support her son’, thousands of cedis have been raised for Poloo, starting from two people donating Ghc 2,000 each month, to money given to her by industry friends like the blogger thosecalledcelebs and the likes.


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I can’t put a number on it but probably over Ghc 10,000 should have been raised for Poloo by now, money which is apparently being put down to take care of her son whilst she’s in jail.

That is enough for 3 months, don’t you think?

If indeed the goal is to help take care of her son, more than enough money has been raised at this time.

Unfortunately, the stated goal of helping a sister in need is now being turned into a cash grab to make Akuapem Poloo a rich lady before she comes out of jail.

All of a sudden we are being bombarded with mobile money numbers and bank account numbers to donate to Akuapem Poloo. Ghanaians who can barely make ends meet in a country run into the ground by greedy politicians are now supposed to take care of a careless and frankly brain dead celebrity who decided to behave impulsively for attention and got punished for it?

In the beginning we could all have a bit of sympathy for Poloo because of the silly nature of the crime she’s alleged to have committed but this is going too far. It’s not the job of Ghanaians to make Akuapem Poloo rich just because she behaved foolishly and is being punished for it.

This is not the chance for her to become a millionaire. She should come out of jail and get back to her shameless attention-seeking to make some coins and leave the strained pockets of Ghanaians alone.

If she’s broke and needs money too she should let us know rather than using her son and her imprisonment as ‘care of’ to fleece people of their hard-earned money. It’s becoming a bit too much.

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She has already benefited a lot from being a celebrity. There are many Ghanaians facing unfair issues in the judicial system who never get the support and love Ghanaians have showered on Poloo. People are jailed everyday for sillier crimes than Poloo has and no one puts any spotlight on them to receive some support for their kids whilst they are in jail. Who knows, perhaps Poloo would have received her full 3 year jail term instead of 3 months if she was an ordinary person and not a celebrity.

So she and her greedy team led by the failed comedian known as DKB should give Ghanaians a break. If they want Ghanaians to help them in such situations perhaps they should use their platforms to highlight more people who face injustice in the country, not just when it’s one of them.

They should visit any jail in Ghana and check just the people on remand for years who have not been convicted of any crime! What spotlight did they ever place on these people?

For Ghanaians, use your brains a bit and don’t allow these privledged celebs to fleece you. Pastors and politicians are already doing it, for the love of God let’s not add these unserious celebrities to the list!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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