Signs Of A Desperate Slay Queen – Rose Of Date Rush Says She Can Do Prostitution To Support Her Partner

In our generation, there is no shame in going on live television to boast that you sleep around with men for money. As sad at it may seem, these ladies are rather hailed while the hard working ones are trolled as primitive.

Society has normalized the idea of women looking for partners who are rich and can take care of them instead of looking for real jobs.

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Rose of TV3 Date Rush fame is one to watch in this category. The beautiful lady, hungry for fame, sees it easier to look for a partner who can take care of her than looking for a job to take care of herself.

Rose has boldly stated in a recent interview that she does not mind wh*ring herself to get the financial support she needs to take care of her home and partner.

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Some will say that is a brave act of love to sacrifice your dignity to support your family but I believe there are other wiser options to take.

Venturing into prostitution or should I say slaying business to take care of your family does not mean you are brave, it speaks the opposite rather.

It is harsh to call a woman a wh*re if she sleeps around with men for financial support so social media came up with a brilliant title ‘Slay queen’.

Watch the desperate slay queen disgrace herself and family in the video below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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