‘The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail’ – Brainwashed Church Members Of Dag Heward Mills Staunchly Defend the Underfire Pastor

A controversy in Ghana will not be complete without brainwashed followers of whoever is under fire coming out to furiously defend him.

Seriously, someone can misuse government money which could have been used to better the lives of Ghanaians and those same Ghanaians would defend the person in the name of politics.

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The same applies when it comes to religion – people would die defending their pastor no matter what they’ve done!

Founder of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has come under fire in recent days after 6 former pastors of the church sued him.

They allege that after serving the church for decades, they discovered that their social security benefits (SNNIT) was not being paid for by the church. They’ve also revealed hugely damaging information about abuse and exploitation which they suffered in the church.

The bishop himself has yet to officially respond to these damaging allegations but his brainwashed soldiers are on social media defending him.

As usual, they are claiming this is a grand design from the devil and other absurdities just to defend their ‘papa’.

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Checkout some reactions from the Lighthouse sheep below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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