I Left Lighthouse After Bishop Dag Told Me My Wife Is A Devil Because She Refused To Leave Her Job to Work for the Church — Pastor Narrates

More details have been unveiled about the alleged wickedness of Bishop Dag Heward Mills and his church, Lighthouse Chapel.

One of the pastors suing the church, Bishop Emmanuel Oko Mensah, has revealed that Bishop Dag tried numerous times to get him to divorce his wife.

He says Bishop went so far as to say that his wife is an obstacle to his work in the ministry and that he should divorce her, simply because his wife refused to quit her job and work for the church.

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Okoh Mensah says he joined the church immediately after graduating from school. That was the only employment he ever had and he put his all into it, working absurd hours which had a strain on his marriage.

On top of all that, the church, which was taking all his time and was not paying him well, wanted his wife to quit her job at SNNIT to join the church.

She refused and that’s when things started going downhill.

In a suit filed at the Accra High Court, Oko Mensah notes that he was “unduly pressured by the Founder of the Defendant church to divorce his wife because she was perceived to be a stumbling block” to his work as a pastor.


Oko Mensah told the investigative journalism site The Fourth Estate that everytime he had marital issues and told Dag Heward Mills for advice, all he could tell him was to divorce his wife.

He says he even once told him that he should let her go and he would marry him to another woman.

“In 2018, when I was in Ouagadougou [Burkina Faso], I was called to come and move my family from the church premises. I moved my family and went to have a meeting with Dag before going back. Then he said, ‘Has your wife joined you?’ I said no. He said, ‘She is fighting your ministry; divorce her.’’’ Oko Mensah narrated.

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According to him, due to how little he was making from his full time church job, his family would collapse financially if his wife left her job to join him in the church. Yet, no one understood that and he was constantly pressured to divorce her.

He recalled one incident when Dag Heward-Mills mocked him publicly in the midst of other senior church officials.

“Oko Mensah, you followed buttocks, you followed breast. I hope you are getting it to touch.” Heward-Mills sneeringly said.

Oko Mensah said in the end, he had to choose between the ministry and his wife, and he had no choice than to choose his wife.

“I resigned from Lighthouse because the leader, Dag Heward-Mills, told me to divorce my wife.” he said.

Oko Mensah has taken the church to court, not only because of this alleged abuse and shame over his marriage but over failure to pay his social security benefits for all the years he worked as a poorly paid pastor.

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