Shocking As Young Man Lists Different Types Of Offerings Light House Chapel Takes During Sermon

A young man identified as Abeeku Acquah has added his voice to the ongoing Light House Chapel saga.

He has also freed his chest on how the church allegedly exploited him and then pushed him at the back corner at the end.

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Taken to Twitter, he has shared his experience with the church and stepped further to list the different types of collections Light House Chapel takes during a sermon.

Read his message below;

Lmaoo people are now hearing the exploitation going on in Lighthouse ??? These people legit had us acting as laborers, mixing cement and carrying blocks in the name of ‘building the church’. There was this one time, we had to improvise and create a lever using ropes & buckets – 1

My back hurt, my palms were full of blisters but hey – Work for the Lord. After ‘building’ that church from scratch, the pastor at that time, Reverend Adigbo was transferred to Togo, to start afresh !They have this nice way or coercing you – 2

I loved a few blocks away from the church so these people used every least opportunity to ask us for stuff. From water barrels and plastic chairs they broke, to ‘availing’ our house as a ‘Buscell’ meeting center. You must admire their manipulative schemes. Top top. – 3

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Members could legit barge into my room without warning because hey – Brother Abeeku, it’s time for church service. That nonsense stopped when I cussed one lady out and threatened to release the dog on them. Bruh that church will drain you of your entire finances – 4

From their 1st offering to Boosters, to Honor thy Prophet, to supporting Healing Jesus campaigns, all from members pockets. The last place I’d ever set foot in would be a lighthouse church, They would USE you, till you’re of little to no benefits, then push you back to the corner

This was me. A couple years ago. Deeply brainwashed by these bastards. Filled with the ‘spirit’ when I visited the Anagkazo Bible whatever. Thank God for bad bitches who brought me back to my senses.

— ‎Larry 🕷 (@abeekuacquah) April 27, 2021

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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