My Mobile Money Account Was Blocked – Akuapem Poloo Blames MTN After DKB Reported Her To The Police

Akuapem Poloo has come up with another story after Comedian DKB threatened to sue her for accusing him wrongly.

Yesterday, Akuapem Poloo went live on IG to accuse DKB of hoarding all the donations people have made to her and refusing to answer her calls.

She spoke painfully about how her donors are calling her ungrateful for not sending them a thank you note.

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In her defence, DKB should be blamed for that because she has not received a dime from what people claimed they had donated.

Comedian DKB did not take this lightly and vowed to channel the same energy he used to campaign for her freedom to put her back in jail.

He said he had officially lodged a complaint at the police station and Rosemond Brown will be soon called to answer some questions.

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Upon hearing this, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has made a U-Turn blaming telecommunication giant MTN for kot receiving her donations.

“I realised that after saying that I’ve not received any money from donors, my fans asked me to go to MTN to verify,” she said.

Akuapem Poloo claims MTN blocked her mobile money account because she was receiving too much money transfers.

“This is what happened. After DKB posted my number [on social media] that people should support me, MTN blocked my mobile number, so, I couldn’t receive or cash out. That was why Those Called Celebs started sending money to my mum,” Akuapem Poloo explained.

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She added that MTN reversed all transfers to the senders because she was not using a merchant sim and was not eligible for such huge amounts.

“DKB knew it because he started complaining about monies being bounced by my mobile money number. And most people here who tried to send money realised their monies were reversed. I was seeing the messages. I saw Kennedy Agyapong’s money being reversed.”

Poloo Said even Hon. Kennedy Agyapong donated a huge amount to her but it was returned and DKB is aware of it.

“After I was granted bail, I went to MTN Ghana office in Dworwulu (Accra) and was told my account was blocked because it is not a Merchant account and that it’s wrong to use it for fund-raising on social media. They blocked my account on the 20th of April so I couldn’t receive any money from anyone. And I couldn’t receive any physical cash from anyone because I was in prison.”

We are waiting to hear from MTN to authenticate if what Poloo is alleging is true.



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