The Government Has Failed Us, Not the Citizens – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes on ‘FixYourself’ Nonsense

I have a busy morning as my work is piling up, but I must take time out to write this, to clearly and boldly explain to the lunatic party supporters that, the only things needed to be fixed are the problems of Ghana—and the government is the one and only entity tasked to do this job.

The citizens have nothing to fix. In fact, when the country is fixed, it will automatically fix the issues raised against the citizens.

Also, the citizens did not go to the people, begged and asked them to vote for them so that they will come to power and fix the problems of Ghana—and they are not paid to fix the problems of Ghana.

Vincent Agyapong Febiri of Adukus Solicitors

Some group of people woke up and went about promising the citizens that if they vote for them, they will change their lives around, solve the problems of Ghana and that they will show significant improvement in just 180 days. These people said the previous group of people were completely incompetent and was using grossly stupid approaches in solving our problems so we should elect them rather.

The people then voted this new set of people into power and now they say what? That the citizens have to fix themselves first before they fix the problems they begged to come into power to resolve—and they are paid monthly to fix?

You take a monthly salary to do a job and when you are asked to account for it or to damn do the job, you turn around to say another person not being paid for anything or the person who did not assume by election to do anything should fix him or herself first. What sort of nonsense is this? And we cannot call it nonsense?

Who is supposed to fix the roads, the power problems, the water problems, the unemployment problems, the security problems, the accommodation/housing problems, the “galloping” inflation of prices of good and services problems? The citizens?

You say the citizens throw rubbish around anyhow, break the laws, are corrupt, destroy government properties and are involved in all manner of hogwash and irresponsibility.

If that is true, does that not in itself not indicate an incompetent government at the hub of affairs? Are there no laws? Who is supposed to enforce the laws—an agency of the government right?

You believe that if laws did not work anywhere in the world, people wouldn’t do whatever they want? Who would stop at the red light when they are in a hurry all the time, but for the enforceable laws? Have you people heard of the Gun Man theory or Thomas Hobbes’ brutish state of nature in social contract?

We formed governments and gave power to governments because that is how law and order is maintained—the government has failed us not the citizens.

So, #fixthecountry

Chris-Vincent Agyapong, the Lawyer, the Writer, the Thinker, the Minimalist and the Professional Truth Sayer…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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