You Are Using A Range Rover But You Can’t Pay Rent? – Social Media Trolls Serwaa Amihere

Serwaa Amihere has become a subject for trolling after the journalist revealed she has difficulty paying her rent.

Some social media users cannot fathom how a top player in the Slaying hierarchy and a Journalist who drives around in an expensive Range Rover has issues with rent.

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They trolled the beautiful lady saying she is a fake individual who looks rich online but cannot take care of herself in reality.

Serwaa Amihere was just highlighting the difficulty in the country just as every youth on social media using the hashtag fix the country but she was massively trolled.

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Read some below.

Instead of renting 500gh or 700gh a month at lapaz or mallam no sesei u are renting 2000gh a month at east legon and u are complaining😂 awuraa hw3 wo botom na tua wo rent na gyae akesesem hunu wai cos wose wo p3 flat dea ka wano tum😂

This one mpo de3 I’ll swallow my comment before the angry for no reason people come after me😂😂 center table ase w)h) na wose wop3 self contain na wasan atwi range nti whom mam i

It’s funny how people who struggle to pay rent are laughing at Serwaa over this rent issue. Clearly she can afford her rent and she can get someone to even pay for her even if she can’t. But the people who are suppose to fight for this cause are rather making unnecessary comment and making fun of her. How will those who are suppose to #fixthecountry take us serious???? And with this kind of mind set where do we think we are heading to as a country?



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