Arrogant Owusu Bempah Apologizes After Insulting Those Calling for the Country to Be Fixed

The arrogant PRO of the Ghana Gas Company, Ernest Owusu Bempah, has finally apologized after insulting celebrities who have joined the ‘fixthecountry’ battle.

Bempah wrote a very lenghty and demeaning article at the height of the fix the country social media protests, insulting celebrities who have joined the fight.

According to him, those celebrities cannot manage their lifestyles, are in debt and yet they have the nerve to call for the country to be fixed.

“Some of them can’t even fend for themselves let alone fix their boring life. They go about borrowing from people to support their fakery and some are in debts and can’t manage their lives and yet they are yelling at politicians? These guys need to fix their backward lifestyle and build something for themselves and get a life,” he fired.

However, celebrities have mounted pressure on him for his demeaning words and called on him to apologize.

On United Showbiz Saturday night, panellists like Kofi Asamoah and A Plus called on him to apologize.

Owusu Bempah has since rendered an apology on social media.

He wrote:

Setting The Records Striaght

Last week I took the huge risk of presenting another side of the story as it is against the Ghanaian situation being pushed by the #FixTheCountry campaigners.

While some agreed with the piece, it wasn’t all hearts and flowers. Let me state that my motivation to write that piece was not to slander all celebrities in general nor persons involved in the campaign but to bring to the fore some salient indicators with regards to where we are as a country, and to correct some serious negative phenomenon within the Ghanaian celebrity front.

I have taken a second look at the write up and although nothing that I wrote is an untruth, I admit that perhaps I was too harsh in some of my conclusions and choice of words. This shouldn’t have been the case and I apologise to all those who may have been hurt by the piece. I’m sorry. I therefore retract the strong and uncomplimentary language used in the write up. Maybe the issues that I was so much concerned about will not have been glossed over had I not engaged in some early conclusions.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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