Afia Schwar, Prince David Osei and More – Full List of Political Prostitutes and Cowards Exposed by Fix the Country Campaign – Photos

The year 2021 has exposed a lot of rot in Ghana to the limelight.

Politicians who came to power by lying and promising heaven on earth have been exposed as incompetent and corrupt fraudsters. So has some celebrities who have taken money from these politicians to lie to Ghanaians in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

When Ghanaians started a #fixthecountry movement, no celebrity was obliged to join. You could stand with the masses to demand accountablity from our leaders or you could shut your mouth and let the people demand what is rightfully theirs.

However these celebrities I’m about to identify, the devils who have sold their souls for cash, not only did not join Ghanaians to fight the government, they actively fought back against Ghanaians and defended the government with all their strength.

They did all this for nothing but money, proving for the 1000th time that money is indeed the root of all evil.

If there ever is a hell, these celebs deserve to be sent down there for selling out the very people who made them who they are today.

1 Afia Schwarzenegger


Valentina Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwarzenegger tops this list. It is no surprise that she is the most shameless political opportunist in Ghana, having been a staunch NDC supporter at the time they were in power.

Afia Schwar easily betrayed the NDC for the NPP once they came into power and has since been a staunch advocate for them whilst she gets the chance to party in America on the (alleged) taxpayer’s dime.

No celebrity has fought against the fix the country campaign more than Afia. She has insulted Ghanaians and made nonsensical comparisons just to prove her worth to her paymasters.

If there is a special place in hell for sellouts, Afia Schwar’s name should be first on the list.

2 Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei

Another political charlatan is Prince David Osei. Osei heavily campaigned for the NPP in the last elections.

When the NPP government started showing their wickedness by increasing taxes in the post-COVID, post-election era, Prince David tried to be a hero and speak out for Ghanaians. However, his paymasters soon reminded him who signs his checks so he ran back to publicly eat his words.

Since then he has been doing his best to prove his usefulness to the NPP by going over the top in insulting Ghanaians over the fix the country campaign. A spineless weasel had the guts to tell Ghanaians to fix themselves when we were pointing out how the government had messed up the country.

Not all of us can sell our soul to the devil and become comfortable in life.

3. Matilda Asare


Asare appeared on United Showbiz to gaslight Ghanaians. According to her, there’s nothing wrong in the country that needs fixing.

Her comment is so outrageous there’s really nothing else to add. Asare has always been NPP and campaigned for the party in 2016. She sold her soul way back.

Whilst calling out these zombies selling the country for money, it’s instructive to note others such as Efia Odo, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and others have impressively fought for the common person.

Our politicians are so insensitive that nothing might come out of this campaign but at least we know who the real patriots are and those who would sell their mother to the devil for Ghc 2.

Is there any political prostitute or coward we missed in our list? Add yours in the comments…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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