Mona Gucci Details How She Fled To US After Scamming A Popular Man Of God In Weija

It is hard to believe anything that comes from the mouth of these so-called celebs. All of their utterances have a tad of lies to them.

They have proved to us time without count over the years that they cannot be trusted. They all have the penchant for saying this today and doing the exact opposite of it the next nanosecond.

Mona Gucci is no different, people would say she is even the worse of them all.

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Ever since she hit limelight, she has been trending for all the wrong reasons. There is always one controversy, scandal or the next that she is dealing with.

From her interviews to how she allegedly lied about being a lawyer and poking her nose in matters that have no bearings on her, Mona just like many of our celeb flourishes on scandals.

During her show, she revealed that she scammed a popular man of God in Ghana and fled to the US after that. According to her, this man of God whose church is at Weija, a suburb in Accra, flew her from the States to aid in fundraising he had organized.


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Mona discloses that following the program, the man of God contacted her and she assumed that he had seen something spiritual about her oblivious that he wanted to sleep with her.

She claims the man of God asked that she meets him at a hotel and would not listen even after she had told him she had booked her flight back to the US.

The man of God insisted that he would pay for all charges so she should cancel the flight, she did not but he sent the money to her anyways, $560 and waited for her at the hotel.

She claims she never went, she rather left for the US with his money. She however did not mention the name of this supposed man of God.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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