Ghanaian Man in the U.S in Tears After Girlfriend of 6 Years Based in Ghana Got Married On His Blindside

A Ghanaian man in the United States of America is in tears after his girlfriend of 6 years living in Ghana got married without his knowledge.

The guy is in serious pains – especially because he had managed to get a visa for the girl to join him in the U.S when he discovered she had already gotten married.

He is now seeking advice on what to do.

A friend posted about the issue on social media and put it up for discussion.

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Per his narration, the guy is staying in the U.S but is dating a girl in Ghana.

For 6 years that he was in the States he was dating a Ghanaian girl.

The duo had plans to get married and everything and he also had plans to bring her over to the States.

In anticipation of marriage, he staked the Visa Lottery for his girl and she won.

However, before he could deliver the good news, he found out that she had gotten married in Ghana.

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Imagine the shock!


The guy now wants to know whether he should let the lady know she won the lottery or if he should simply forget and let the offer expire.

Checkout the narration as posted by one Ayimadu on social media below…

“This is a case being discussed in a room on Clubhouse, and I would want to bring up here…

“Ghanaian dude has been residing in the US for some 6 years. All these years, he has maintained a relationship with a lady living here with plans of getting married in future and bringing her to reside with him in the States. In anticipation of this, dude stakes the US DV IMMIGRATION lottery for his lady, in a bid to make the emigration easier.

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“Last year while finalizing the wedding plans, he received news that the lady has married someone else in Ghana. He called to confront her and she confirmed it with some apologies. Dude is broken hearted. But that is not the issue. The lottery he bidded for the lady has produced great news. She won. But dude is contemplating on what to do with this news. Should he inform the lady and give her the chance to move to the US (possibly with her spouse), or should he burn the lottery slips or whatever? Madam is not aware she has won, anyways.”

If you were the guy, what would you do?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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