Too Much Fakeness – Bolt Driver Disgraces Broke Slay Queen On IG Live After She Failed to Pay for A Ride – Video

The slay queen generation are a plague on this world. They are the biggest braggarts around but it’s a fact that if you look beneath the branding, they have nothing.

They own nothing, they have nothing to offer and more often than not, they exist just as a burden on other people.

Oh, and they are also rude and disrespectful.

A Bolt Driver has exposed one of these shameless slay queens after she ordered a ride from him and failed to pay due to being broke as usual.

The driver took to IG live to express his frustrations after the broke slay queen, who could not pay her fare, also tried to be smart and put him in trouble instead.

So the driver chose to start a live video and let the whole world know what happened.

According to the driver, the lady ordered his car from Banana Island to another destination.

Throughout the journey she was speaking on her phone, as if she had something too important going on for her.

At a point on the journey whilst driving on a highway, she aprubtly called on the driver to stop the car.

He told her they were at a dangerous place so he went forward a bit to park well.

Next thing he knows the slay queen has gotten down from the car and started walking away without paying.

All the while she was still on her phone.

He got down after her and tried to stop her leaving.

She started screaming that he has put his hands on her and she would call the police and get him arrested and a whole load of other nonsense.

That’s when the issue became a matter of IG live to expose the lady.

In the video, she could be seen approaching the guy angrily and trying to assault him whilst he recorded his video.

Slay queens everywhere are suffering! How can you be returning from an affluent place like Banana Island and have no money to pay for a common Bolt ride?

It seems her Oga chopped her for free and refused to pay because it’s embarrassing that she had no money on her.

Instead of trying to reach a compromise too she tried playing smart – these slay queens are too block headed for their own good!


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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