Frustration Catch Am? – FixTheCountry Advocate Efia Odo Gives Up – Says Ghana Can Never Be Saved

Efia Odo, the very lady that has been on the neck of the government to fix the country has taken her legs off and now saying ‘Each man for himself’.

Insults and trolling on social media has finally frustrated Efia Odo to give up the patriotic fight of calling for the fixing of what has been broken for decades in our economy.

Ghana as a developing country has a lot of things not working right and to muddy the water more, leaders are not really delivering on their promises.

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Efia Odo, who has been one of the active advocates for fixing the country campaign in Ghana, seems to have lost hope and has express little interest in sticking her neck out for Ghanaians.

The actress and vixen made a sad tweet announcing her retirement from the ‘lost war’ saying “Ghana will never be saved!”

Efia Odo added that henceforth, everyone in the country is supposed to fight his/her own battles and God will look after us all.

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She also indicated in her tweet that if anyone is comfortable and has enough money, s/he can opt to help others when s/he feels the need to.

From her tweet, you could sense that the fire Efia Odo had in fighting for her motherland has been doused by 29 gallons of water.

Efia Odo wrote: “Ghana will never be saved! Each man for himself. If you make money and you feel you can help the people in this country then go ahead.”

Her fans and soldiers of the FixTheCountry campaign begged her not to give up because she was a beacon of hope to many.

Indeed Efia Odo showed courage in the last few months lambasting government officials of different ranks just to make them work.

She was insulted, trolled and degraded on many occasions just to discourage her but she kept her ground until now.

What happened? Ebi frustration way catch am or what?

Read some comments below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on June 25, 2021 1:30 PM

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