Gullible Moesha Boduong Duped to Donate All her ‘Worldly’ Money to Her New Church – Source Alleges

Moesha Boduong has been making all the news today after she finally confessed all her sins in church and officially gave her life over to Christ.

Moesha has been hinting hard in recent times that she is now born again and a new being. She has changed her name from Moesha to Maurecia and renounced her old life of sin

Over the weekend, she was in church. Moesha went down on her knees and cried her heart out to Jesus. Her weeping video from the church confessing her sins has gone viral.


However, we all know that in this country and especially in this industry nothing is ever as it seems.

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Moesha is allegedly doing all this theatre for a man. The gossips are already out with claims that Moesha Boduong’s change of heart is just for show.

Apparently, she has found a new man who has promised her marriage but the man is coming from a family who are not pleased with her social media antics.

Moesha therefore has to publicly become born again and transform her image before she would even be allowed to marry this man.

That is what is apparently driving her change of heart.

The gossips are still not done with Moesha, though.

Another person claims not only is she changing her heart for a man, but the church she has joined is a sort of celebrity church.

According to this source who wrote to the blogger Aba the great, Moesha has been duped by the church.

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She was asked to donate all the money she made through her ‘sins’ since that is worldly money and Moesha also agreed to donate.

For most other celebrities it would be hard to believe this but Moesha is gullible and a bit easy to manipulate.

We saw how Christiane Amanpour of CNN exposed her badly on the world stage. It is easy to believe someone could do this to Moesha.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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