Old Fool!- Date Rush Grandpa Blasted For Explicitly Asking Date To Sleep With Him On Their 2nd Date

We are safe to say the only thing that keeps people excited on Sundays is TV3’s, Date Rush. It is an exciting thing to waste your time on.

The whole show is characterized by drama and comedy. People have even speculated that the show is scripted merely because of how they behave.

That aside, we still enjoy watching it, after all, it is the drama and the fun in it that we are looking for, scripted or not.

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Season five is over and for the past two Sundays, it has been the reunion edition where the ladies and gents who came on the show get together to talk about how their relationships ended and their lives after Date Rush.

During reunions, the drama is heightened and revelations are made. Last Sunday’s episode was no different. Revelations were made and of all of them, Grandpa’s own is what has garnered our attention.

Ever since he came on the show, he has been riding on infamy. He lied on the show and from there, he would say just about anything to trend. Following the show, he was interviewed and questions on how his relationship with his date was faring came up.

As expected, he made a mess out of it all, revealing unimportant details of how his date Susan can eat four balls of kenkey with beans and how she has pierces all over her body.

date rush peter
Peter and Ruth of Date Rush

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All of these came up during the reunion— his date ended up shedding tears as she said she was truly hurt because of what he said.

She also revealed that Grandpa explicitly asked to sleep with her just two days after they had gone on their first date. When asked, Grandpa said he thought that was what the lady wanted.

The lady also revealed how disrespectful he had been to her so he tried to apologize but it was obvious he was the least remorseful.

Folks have been on his neck since, asking him to grow up because he is not getting any younger.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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