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How to Get £5 for Free to Send Money to Ghana – Without Any Transfer Charges

A wonderful opportunity exists for any Ghanaian outside the country who plans to send money to Ghana free of charge.

TapTap Sendis giving anyone who registers to use their super reliable money transfer service free 5 pounds or 5 euros when the person enters the promo code ‘TopChris.’

The best part – there is no transfer charge!

Sending money to friends and family has become simple, convenient, cheaper and quicker with the evolution of technology, and remittance services like TapTap Send.

how to send money to ghana free

It has become far easier and quicker to wire money from anywhere in the world to your loved ones in Ghana–with TapTap Send making it possible for your loved ones to instantly receive the money on their mobile phones.

There are numerous of such services around but it is hard to find one without charges – anyone who routinely sends money from abroad to Ghana can testify to that they always have to deal with charges.

Luckily, TapTap send has no hidden fees.

Without any hidden fees, Taptap Send allows you to send money for free–and currently, they are offering anyone who uses the promo code TopChris free £5, on top of how much the person is sending.

So, if you sign up today to send £100 to a family member and you enter the promo code TopChris, the recipient will receive £105–a free addition of £5.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLAOD THE TAPTAP APP NOW–And don’t forget to use the promo code TopChris.


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