Kobi Rana Drops Identity Of A Popular Newscaster Nkonkonsa Is Sleeping With After Setting Record With Abena Korkor

Actor and movie producer, Kobi Rana continues to make wild allegations against Nkonkonsa after he stepped on his toes for posting something that didn’t sit well with him.

Kobi Rana has been on Nkonkonsa exposing his secret affairs and dragging him in the mud after Abena Korkor’s saga.

Kobi Rana has said that aside Nkonkonsa cheating with Abena Korkor, he has several other mistresses that he sleeps with and also indulges in some gay activities.

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Following all that allegations, Kobi Rana is not yet done with blogger Nkonkonsah who he claims has tarnished his image to promote his Instagram page.

He has revealed the Nkonkonsa, born Eugene Nkansah is allegedly bonking one popular Ghanaian Twi newscaster and a certain usher.

He wrote, ‘I see the media twisting the story to protect you Eugene @nkonkonsa because u r one of them. Also pretending or too stupid to see your evil intentions. Now u know how to post Rana music. What happened to posting only rubbish about me for your dogs to bark in comments? U repented overnight?

‘That Twi newsreader and that girl who ushered at the event. Are you done licking their trumu? Does your wife know that too? Yo i will blog the stupidity out of you. U want crazy. I’ve been quiet all these years because I don’t want to give fools promotion.

‘You post good stuff about some celebs and tag them for mobile money. And you destroy others by posting shit about them for fools to comment to increase your followers. Because u feel u like ‘vawulence’


Kobi Rana and Nkonkonsa’s fight started after Kobi Rana blasted the government of spending unnecessary time praying against gay rights instead of fixing the country.

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However, Nkonkonsah is said to have twisted the post and made his caption about gays without setting up the priority right.

According to Kobi Ran, his focus was on highlingting the importance of Fix The Country protest but Nkonkonsa shifted the attention to mean that he was fighting for gay people just to get his followers to insult him.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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