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Like Wendy Shay, Confused and Arrogant Yaw Tog Comes Off As Thick and Unpolished in Stormzy Interview – Nii Smiley Byte Writes

‘Who are you as Wendy Shay?’ – this simple question and the very dumb response Wendy Shay gave to it, opened her up to trolling that lasted for a very long time.

Wendy Shay could not see an opportunity to market herself and give Ghanaians the perfect answer about who she is as an artiste. All she heard was a demeaning question and thus she chose to get angry and end the interview.

She exposed herself as childish, petty and immature in that moment and it has followed her ever since.

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Fast-rising Ghanaian rap sensation and winner of the VGMA Best Hip Hop Song of the Year Award, Yaw Tog, just had his own moment of shame in an interview that has gone viral.

Like Wendy, Tog was asked a simple question, coincidentally by MzGee, the same person involved in the Wendy Shay spat.

MzGee asked him if he believes Stormzy made him more popular in this market by appearing on the remix of his ‘Sore’ song.

Yaw Tog apparently finds himself too big to accept Stormzy did anything for his career by agreeing to a feature, so he had to make sure to add that he made Stormzy more popular in Ghana.

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yaw tog stormzy

“He made me more popular in this market. And I made him more popular here too. Because people didn’t know Stormzy in Ghana…” Tog said.

His words are very important because he claims people “did not know Stormzy in Ghana,” thus he made him more popular here.

Like Wendy Shay before him, Yaw Tog is not very good at getting his message across when given the chance.

This was the chance of a lifetime to give big-ups to Stormzy and give him props for his help, which can then translate to perhaps more future help from an international recording artiste of great repute be it in terms of more features or contacts to other artistes.

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Instead, Tog decided to stroke his ego by claiming he did as much for Stormzy as Stormzy did for him!

That is the most ridiculous thing you would hear all day. Leaving aside the very contentious claim that he bestowed any popularity upon Stormzy down here, the fact is that being popular in Ghana does nothing for any brand, much less Stormzy’s.

We’re talking about a market where most people illegally download and stream songs when the market is not even that big anyway!

Even when a Ghanaian artiste features a Nigerian, the benefit to both isn’t on the same level much less a UK recording artiste.

And our artistes know this very much, which is why they are always chasing ‘international’ collaborations to broaden the scope of their music to a market where it can actually make them money!

The reality of our music industry is that our artistes need foreigners, even Nigerians, more than those people need us, so we would do well to know how to talk about those folks.

Our artistes are always chasing foreign collabos

Maybe Stormzy takes no offence to Tog’s claims, and maybe he does – but it’s beyond foolish to take that chance with comments like these.

Between this and ‘shouting out’ his haters at the VGMA – it’s clear whatever little fame Tog has is rotting his brain.

His people need to put him back on track before his big mouth destroys his little talent.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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