Outside Gentility, Home Cry – Source Reveals How Mina Is Suffering Emotional Torture After Allegedly Busting Zionfelix in Bed with Other Girls

Mina Lawani aka Minalyn Touch, girlfriend of the Ghanaian blogger ZionFelix, is going through intense emotional abuse due to his careless nature, or so we have heard.

ZionFelix and Mina’s public relationship drama is reportedly just getting worse.

Over the past few weeks, these two have been all Ghana is talking about, and for good reason.

Despite being in a serious relationship with his publicly known girlfriend, makeup artiste Mina, ZionFelix was seen in a video marrying another woman.

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We were all shocked, Mina most of all, and questions started being asked.

zionfelix cheating

The new girl is called Erica. Information indicates she’s a Ghanaian artiste based in Italy who worked for a while with Zionfelix for him to promote her career.

That ended in bedmatics and Erica reportedly became pregnant, with her family reportedly forcing the blogger to marry her.

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Fast forward to Zionfelix’s birthday and his girlfriend gave him a sweet birthday wish. Later in the day, Erica did the same and clueless Zionfelix liked and then reshared Erica’s message.

At that point, we imagine all hell broke loose in his household.

Per new information from the blogger Aba the Great, Mina is going through hell in that house.

Apparently, Zion became a he-goat after gaining over a million followers on social media and since then he cannot stop mounting the b*tches.

Mina is also apparently trapped because she cannot leave for the haters to declare victory.

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It is what is brilliantly called a Catch-22.

Read the gist on Zion and Mina below…

Aba the Great writes @Gentility for roadside, tug of war for house 😩 the gist🌶 be say, ever since dude hit 1million followers on IG, he’s been sleeping with girls with that achievement back to back without discretion. We ve heard sis caught him twice in bed with other girls already. Sis is going through emotional torture… And y’all know how dude gets away with “murder” right, By putting his head in between sis b00bs to beg for forgiveness.

“Sis is unable to walk out because of the privileges she is getting. She sees a lot of girls lined up already to take over so she is acting the “forgiving Chioma”in the story.

Now let’s break this down for you… sis started this relationship on benefits, hoping to hit and run but saw progress around dude so decided to embrace and fall in love, y’all know sis has a son already before meeting dude and so she feels it will not be easy to find someone to throw around and to sort her out. well the painful part is, she settled with an immature guy, not only is she older than him but wiser than him… dude is living his dream now, meeting younger blood and sleeping around charkacharka. He never saw this type of progress coming his way. He is overwhelmed and has lost focus in the moment. And since sis don’t want to give her haters the satisfaction , she would rather stick around and make y’all think everything is working out… sad how women think it is okay to sacrifice their lives for some piece of donut…

“I want a whole donut 🍩 mehnn. Can’t settle…… besides I don’t see dude to be a smooth talker. Not that special at all… sis should get her groove on and weigh options, see if life is worthwhile around flower boy. Looking at how he is nu di3, it will take grace for growth….

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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