Yvonne Nelson Takes Shot at Princess Shyngle – ‘Stop Deceiving the Youth, No Waist Trainers Can Give A Tapoli Body’

Actress Yvonne Nelson has fired wild missiles at her colleague Princess Shyngle for wrongly influencing the youth with her waist trainer nonsense.

Princess Shyngle is well known as the godmother of waist trainers in Ghana. She has a ridiculous shape which is attributed to years of using waist trainers.

fake Princess Shyngle

She makes a good living using that body to sell all sorts of waist trainers and other products related to shaping the female body.

Yvonne Nelson is mad at that.

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According to her, there is no product out there – no waist trainer, slimming tea or anything else that is going to give you the tapoli body that many females crave.

The ‘tapoli’ body is the special Princess Shyngle shape that defies physics – waist as slim as a pin, non existent stomach and abdomen but massive, and I means massive, hips, buttocks and breasts.

It has become a ‘desirable’ body that many women are killing themselves to get.

Social media is now a landscape filled with people selling these products, not only the waist trainers for the tapoli shape but slimming tea, concoctions to burn stomach fat and a whole lot else.

Most of these concoctions come from anonymous sellers over the web and no one knows if they have actually been tested and cleared by the FDA.

That is the danger Yvonne is warning against in her tweet which she fired off the morning of Sunday, July 11th 2021.

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She wrote: “Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal,no slimming tea / waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI / snatched body,stop letting these companies / influencers fool you. Two people, a doctor or your mum and one place , the gym can give you that body,”

Yvonne is right here. There is no shortcut to getting a desirable body other than the hard work of exercise and dieting.

Yvonne Nelson

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Most people want to skip the hard work and end up with the tapoli body in 2 months – that only happens in movies.

If you keep chasing that, Princess Shyngle and others will keep cashing out and your bank account will keep suffering.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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