Michy And Hajia4Reall Went On A Prostitution Tour In Nigeria – Shatta Wale’s Cousin Drops Video Evidence

Magdalene Love, the sweet cousin of Shatta Wale, has alleged that Michy and Hajia4Real once went on a prostitution tour in Nigeria.

This tour, according to Maglove, happened at the blind side of Shatta Wale when Michy was in a serious relationship with him and it was fully funded by NAM1, CEO of defunct company Menzgold.

She claimed that Michy and Hajia4Reall went to sleep with rich men and women in Nigeria and she has evidence of their disgusting act but “whatever happened in Nigeria stayed in Nigeria.”

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Magdalene also alleged that Michy was in a secret relationship with Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 and the business man even gave her an undisclosed amount of money to go fix her fallen boobs and pot belly.

The lady is on an agenda to destroy Michy completely after she came out to claim Shatta Wale does not take care of their child, Majesty.

She promised to drop more juicy details about the secret activities of Michy that led to her break up with Shatta Wale and also how Shatta bagged a recording deal with Zylofon Music.

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Rumor on social media has it that Michy blackmailed Nana Appiah Mensah with an old picture of him in an awkward position together so Shatta could get a deal with Zylofon but there is no evidence to back that allegation.

It will be right to know that Magdalene is not the only one raising such rumor. Not long ago, loudmouth Aisha Modi made a similar allegation against Michy and Shatta Wale.

Michy started this whole train of accusations when she alleged that despite Shatta Wale bragging to be the richest musician in Ghana, it is she that has been taking care of their son with no support from the musician.

Here’s what Magdalene wrote on Instagram;
“How am I the cause of your break up oh Michy you like using me to play self pity but what did you do for Nam1 @nana_appiah_m to give you money to fix your breast and stomach while you were in a relationship with bra Nii and don’t tell me he knew about it cause you and I know he knew nothing or should we talk about the trip to Nigeria with @hajia4reall 🤣🤣🤣(what happens in Nigeria stays in Nigeria) which one you want us to talk about 🤷🏽‍♀️ the men or the women 💯 load… the bible says suffer not for the witch to live so my dear you messed with the wrong person. We continue tomorrow ✂️✌🏽”.

To watch the video evidence of Michy and Hajia4Real chilling on the rich Victoria Island in Nigeria, Click HERE.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebritie.Com


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