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OPEN GOSSIP: Famous Slay Queen Presenter Banging A Ghanaian MP And He’s Not Her Only Sidepiece

Open Gossip

One of Ghana’s infamous slay queen presenters has been thoroughly exposed for chasing, grabbing and chopping down a Ghanaian MP from the North.

This slay queen presenter is often accused by Ghanaians of chopping down ‘big men’ to fund her lifestyle and according to sources; it’s all true.

Newest gist we have obtained about our favourite slay queen presenter is that her latest fish is a popular MP who hails from the North.

The MP is popular after years of working in the public space before running for Parliament.

As an MP he has now fallen into the clutches of the presenter who has many other ‘big men’ warming her bed including a very high ranking government official.

As a target of consistent trolling, the slay queen presenter should not be hard to guess.

Open Gossip: I have left out certain names to protect our most reliable sources. However, I have made this clear to the extent that, you will only have to think a little to be able to fetch out those involved in this yourself. 

This is why it is called Open Gossip…I give you the clues; you do the thinking and share what you know/have heard or what you have been able to put together yourself.

Photos used in OPEN GOSSIP posts are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to identify any particular individual as the

This post was published on July 13, 2021 10:56 AM

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