Tracey Boakye, Hajia 4 Real and Afia Schwar Are Depressed from Sleeping Around for Cash – Born Again Moesha Exposes

Actress Moesha Boduong, sorry, Maurecia Boduong, is shocking all and sundry with her very public declaration of repentance.

People become born again every day but Moesha Boduong’s ‘born again’ is the only one playing out live on the national stage.

The actress has been spotted out in town looking wretched, almost like a mentally unstable person, preaching the word.


Moesha is speaking out clearly about how she used to live a life of sin but has now changed and become born again.

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She confirmed what we all thought – she had been selling her body to rich men to make money to take care of herself.

Moesha also called out her fellow slay queens who have been engaging in such activities and told them to change.

She made it a point to note that she herself and her friends who engage in such acts live lavish lives in the public eye but behind the scenes are suffering a lot.

Moesha said we only see the glamorous lives but do not see what they have to do behind close doors to get their monies.

According to her, slay queens like her former friends suffer because of the source of the monies they are making. They are failing to prosper in life and are privately depressed because of the source of the cash.

“Don’t let the devil make you think selling your body would take you to riches. It doesn’t take you to riches. Cant you see most of us, these girls, when we establish any business it doesn’t flourish?” Moesha queried.

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“Think about it, it’s because of where the money is coming from. It’s not coming from a good place, it’s coming from the devil. You don’t know what they do behind close doors to make their money…”

Moesha was clear her comments apply to herself and people she used to move around with.

We’re talking the Hajia 4 Reals, Tracey Boakye’s and Afia Schwarzenegger’s of the world.

Looking at what Moesha is going through right now, it’s a clear mental breakdown mixed in with some religious delusions.

Anyone who is engaging in her lifestyle, even outside the three we think are her besties, better watch out because this might be their future.

If the godmother of slay queens ends up like this then the others need to watch out…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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