Eno Barony Finally Gives Rundown On What Actually Caused The Beef Between Her And Sister Afia

Eno Barony has attempted to shed light on the origins of the beef between her and her D33d3w collaborator Sista Afia sometime last year.

The Rap Queen was on GHOne TV with Regina Van Helvert and gave a very unsatisfactory rundown of the events that led to their falling out.

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 Go through the excerpts below and make what you will of it.

“Last year I was doing my album so I was telling Sista Afia about my album. So we were always talking and talking and talking. And then she released, what’s the title of the song? WMT, and I congratulated her. I was like, ei you’re doing rap songs now, wow this is dope.

” I was going to release the song that I performed because it was Corona season. But since she did hip-hop I feel like if I release hip-hop people will listen to it than mine. We laughed about it and it was cool. And she was like ‘Eiii don’t come and diss me’, and I was like ‘far from that’. Bisa K’dei was even in the studio with her when we talked.

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“So I was sick, but I didn’t want her to know I was sick. Then I said my dad is sick so I’m with my dad in the hospital. Then she called me and was like ‘when are you releasing it?’ Like a friendly talk. I’m like oh I’m not back. Then I saw Freda releasing hers… Then I came to release mine when she didn’t even know.

“So after I released mine, Freda called me and then she said ‘ei your song dier like you bore oo.’ And we were all laughing about it. Then she said I heard your dad is sick. So that’s when I realized maybe a conversation has gone on. So Sista Afia since that time I never called her or anything but she was calling me and then I listen to whatever she says but I just sit my somewhere.

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“And I didn’t know what was going on until… there are certain things that I don’t want to say, came my way and I was like no I can’t do this. So you realized the whole of last year every interview they did, did you see me there? So, what’s my point here?”.

Yes, Eno, we would all like to know your point because that was a whole load of absolutely nothing.



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