Hammer Tearfully Narrates Scariest Moment of His Life when A Mob Attacked Him and Nearly Killed Him – Video

Hammer of the Last Two has revealed the scariest moment of his life when an angry mob nearly killed him in Coastal Estates, Spintex.

Hammer teared up narrating the story on Angel Fm during a chat with Quophi Okyeame.

He described the moment as the scariest of his life and said he 100% thought he was going to die.

The legendary sound engineer revealed the incident occurred somewhere around 2005.

According to Hammer, he was travelling to see a colleague for some music business in the company of his then-girlfriend and another friend.

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During the journey, his car broke down around Coca-Cola roundabout on the Spintex Road.

Hammer of the Last Two

Hammer called his mechanic to come for the car and took ‘dropping’ to continue his journey.

However, he had a gun in his car so he took it and put it in his bag before leaving the car for the mechanic.

When they got to the Estate, finished their business and were waiting for another taxi to take, a Nigerian guy came around and started harassing his girlfriend.

The guy kept asking the girl for her number and trying to chat her up even though she was standing with two strong guys.

When they finally got a taxi, Hammer said he wanted to teach the guy a lesson so he called him to come for a chat.

At that point, Hammer explained that he was in the front seat of the car.

When the guy approached him, he pulled out his gun, put it on his lap and warned him never to behave that way again.

Hammer said immediately the taxi driver saw the gun he got out of the car and said he wouldn’t take them on their journey anymore.

The Nigerian guy then started shouting that they are armed robbers and a crowd gathered and got them out of the car.

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Hammer narrated how the mob started pelting them with blows and weapons.

It was at that moment that his life flashed before his eyes.

Hammer said he nearly died before a passing good Samaritan recognised him.

The guy shouted that the person they are lynching is Hammer of the Last Two.

Even then it took a while for the mob to subside but the guy hailed a taxi which took them away.

Hammer says from the site of his near-death he went straight to church and thanked God for saving him.

He added that he took the number of that guy who saved him and till date they keep in touch.

He thanked him again for saving his life.

Watch Hammer emotionally narrate the story of the day he nearly died below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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