While Dubai Creates Artificial Rains And Jeff Bezos Goes to Space—Ghana is Busily Praying to God for Celestial Intervention

Dubai, a small finishing village which was established in the 18 century has grown to become one of the most popular cities in the world—for its rapid development and contemporary approach to everything tourism and innovation.  

A few days ago, it emerged that it has gotten really hot in Dubai and as such the government is using drone technology to create rains. “The enhanced rain is created using drone technology that unleashes electrical charges into clouds in order for them to clump together and form precipitation,” The Independent reported.

The height of a summer heatwave has seen temperatures regularly surpass 120F and Dubai has found a solution to “controlling” the entire temperature—by creating artificial rains.

On 11 July, Sir Richard Branson flew on-board Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo to space as test travel before customers would start using his Space Ship to travel next year.

Similarly, on July 21, Amazon Founder-Mr Jeff Bezos and three other crew members flew on Blue Origin’s spacecraft to space and returned to earth.

The western world is living the 21st-century dream—and the zeitgeist of this century can be felt all around the fortunate inhabitants of these countries. Technology has gotten exceptionally better, medicine is at the peak of its salvation game and innovation is almost limitless in the purview of things.  

It’s indeed exciting to be alive at this time.

But in Africa, especially in countries like Ghana and Nigeria, it wouldn’t be contemptuous to say we are still stuck in pre 16th century—struggling with electricity, drinking water, roads, and our governments are busily investigating the positions and type of sex adults are having in their bedrooms.

While others have realized human civilization, wellbeing, and its future rest entirely on humans, Ghanaians continue to aggressively pray to a certain God, day and night, to divinely intervene and solve all their problems.

In fact, in the face of our scarce resources and our children studying under trees and some sitting on bare floors, we’ve decided to spend the little we have to build a national cathedral to “bribe” our God for his help.

Young Ghanaians are not being innovative or even learning from the other human beings of the “civilized” world. These Ghanaians are busily praying also, or typing “Amen” on social media for miracles to besiege their lives.

The world is on a thrill—I mean some part of the world is, but we are thousands of years behind, ignorantly and imprudently pecking at the wood.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on July 24, 2021 10:31 AM

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