Emilia Brobbey to Sue Magdalene Love Over Shatta Wale Allegations

Emelia Brobbey was recently accused by one Magdalene Love for sleeping with dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for a meagre sum of ghc2000.

This did not sit well with the “fa me ko” hitmaker as she has issued a notice to Magdalene Love to retract and apologize.

The notice was served by Nicholas Soyiri Esq on behalf of Emelia Brobbey and stated that in a 4-minute video, accusations were made claiming Emelia Brobbey had s*x with Shatta Wale while he was in a relationship and this puts her reputation and character in an immoral light.

The statement denied all claims made by Magdalene and maintains that they are all lies and intended to defame Emelia’s character.

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They addressed Magdalene’s claim that on the “Okukuseku” show hosted by Emelia Brobbey, Shatta Michy stated that Magdalene caused their relationship to break up, to which Magdalene replied and said Emelia Brobbey should have disclosed that “she also had a taste”

That particular statement seemed to aggravate Emelia and her legal representation the most as they said that doesn’t only project Emelia’s character in an immoral light but also makes her come across as hypocritical.

They also addressed an alleged incident where on a round table with Emelia Brobbey, with Shatta Michy and Magdalene Love present, Emelia suggested other men to Michy and told her not to put “all her eggs in one basket”.

Magdalene went ahead to call Emelia shameless and “plays dirty” in her dealings.

Emelia and her team claim these statements were to embarrass, humiliate, defame and expose their client to contempt and ridicule in a bid to present their client as a “lady not worth her salt.”

They are demanding a retraction of the said video and further demanding an unqualified apology and if these are not done, they will proceed against Magdalene Love in any manner permissible by the law.

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It’s obvious this threat is what pushed Magluv to come out quickly with an apology.

Perhaps she’s broke and is in no position to go to court!

It must be hard being Shatta right now as someone who has been linked to sleeping with you describes these claims as ’embarrassing, humiliating and character defamatory.’

These are harsh words for the singer the “gbee nabu” diss song was targeted at but who knows, Emelia may just want to be associated with people who see her as a “lady worth her salt”. All the best in her case and wherever the truth lies, if relevant, it shall come to light.

Till then, Emelia can choose to collaborate with Shatta sampling a Kumerican version of “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy.

The character assassination has already happened so get that coin, perhaps?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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