LGBTQ+ Community Is Fighting To Turn The Whole World Gay! – Foh Amoaning Ignorantly Strikes The Media Again With Homophobic Campaign

Foh Amoaning can easily pass as the face of homophobia in Ghana, with Sam George giving him a good run for his money.

The executive secretary of the LGBTQ+ hate group The National Coalition for Proper Human S*xual Rights and Family Values has been on the radio singing the same old homophobic song.

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Mr. Amoaning was on Joy SMS to champion his anti-gay agenda and said all the ignorant things we have come to expect from him.

“We’re not after those who have a problem. You have a medical condition, because of peer pressure, because of money matters, because a lot of them get into it because of money. I mean a lot of male prostitution is going on because of money. Go to the coastal areas, we’ve been on the ground. We’ve treated a lot of homos*xuals… Go to Bukom, the boxing area. Somebody has established what we call the Blue Gate and all sorts of things….” He voiced passionately.

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“This is not a joke. Marriages are breaking every day because women are suffering from an*al penetration and they can’t stand it anymore. Go on the internet you will see a lady crying over this issue. Marriages are being broken, HIV/AIDS is on the rise and you all sit in the studio making it seem as if we are criminalizing what we say is a medical condition. Really?”

“I’m sorry let’s get serious. I meet them every day… They are suffering. I have to pat them on the back and we go to spend money because they are leaking feces. They’re putting on pampers. This is serious business, it’s not a joke. And more seriously people are going to die and go to hell. And as a Methodist and evangelical Christian, my purpose is to bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ…”

To crown his sheer cluelessness, he stated that gay people have the intention to turn everyone into homos*xuals.



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