Fufu Funu Caught with Fake Designer Outfit After Bragging About It

She just doesn’t stop. Afia Schwarzenegger uploaded a video praising her designer Steve Madden shoe and bag but the most obvious on her body which she failed to acknowledge was the Dior jalabia she managed to get from God knows where. 

The newest cripple took to Instagram to upload a video of her you can watch here,

She showcased her assets and what she supposedly bought in Dubai but failed to give us a rundown of her clothing which was the most obvious part of her outfit.

The clothing had Christian Dior written all over it and if in a video you are mentioning your little bag and shoe and acknowledging that they are designer, why not the obvious dress?

That’s what drew attention to the fact that the Christian Dior was most likely fake and she is the only one who can identify where she got the dress from.

Dior will have to contact Afia to direct them as to where they can find their outfit because they too have no idea.

If you will have a video up to flaunt your designer items, it’s only logical that you either walk your talk throughout or you do not in the same video, wear a very obvious fake outfit.

Only Fufu Funu knows where we can get Dior jalabia to buy. She decided to take offending with fendi to another level and ended up offending Cardi and embarrassing herself.

We thought we were safe but obviously not because this new one is even longer and bolder. 

It’s not by force to catch up to Sandra Ankobiah, you will make a fool out of yourself. Afia is not by any chance a fashion icon and has never been.

She does not put outfits together well and will allow the dress to wear her and not her wearing the dress.

Even if clothed in the finest of lining, there is something still classless about Afia Schwarzenegger.

She should stick to the free clothing from Instagram boutique because trying to fit in that lane makes her look extremely tacky and we thought we had seen the worst of her. Don’t give us new lows, please. 



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